ISSN: 2700-2624

The working papers series documents the activities of the research group of the project "Small-Scale Credit and Market Participation in the Premodern Period" on a pragmatic and regular basis to foster an on-going dialogue within the scientific community. Papers include a more extensive discussion of the pre-existing literature in the field, reports from the individual research projects, as well as the discussion and/or edition of individual groups of eminent sources or data sets. Moreover, the working paper series will frequently document presentations and discussions from workshops and research seminars attached to project.

Bd. 1 Nr. 1 (2020)

Veröffentlicht: 2020-02-05

Kleinkredit und Marktteilhabe in der Vormoderne: Projektdesign

Tanja Skambraks, Stephan Köhler, Annette Kehnel, Hiram Kümper, Monika Gussone, Markus Schniggendiller


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